Experience Points (XP)

Get experienced.

Experience Points (XP) are a main part of the game and they not only serve to track your progress but also get you to level up which brings you closer to the next tier.

There are three ways to get experienced:

  • Playing the game: we award XP to those who play the game but there is one caveat: you have to be an active player (it's easy, just reach City Center Lvl. 4 on the tournament).

    The amount of XP you get is determined by the tournament size (each size has a different XP prize pool) and your place on the leaderboard.

    Top 20 players will split the XP prize pool and the remainder of active players will get the minimum points for that tournament size.

  • Validating your sensitive data: we award 500 XP to users that validate their email address.

  • Referring other players: we award 200 XP per referral and the points are given once the referred user plays at least two tournaments as an active player.

    You can find your referral link on your profile.