Your main screen when playing CryptoWars.

From here you'll be able to view at a glance exactly what's happening in your village.

Indicators for resources such as Gold, Crystal, and Quantum Dust are displayed here (with their production ratios, when available). There's also an indicator for your Tournament Points but remember that it will only work if you keep your Quantum Dust outside the safety of the Vault.

You can also view the queues for Buildings construction, Troops training, and Research development.

Features such as Boosts and Alliances can also be seen on the dashboard but are not implemented yet. Don't worry they're coming soon!

Other features:

  • Vault: where you can store resources to prevent them from being taken by raiders, or to use them for trading purposes.

  • Village Log: where every relevant bit of information that happened to your village is stored, such as trading operations, your attacks and your defenses.